About Me

I'm elegant and graceful; soft and warm; intelligent, funny and quirky. All these word apply...I don't fit into any particular stereotype but am able to move seamlessly in between worlds and blend in anywhere.

Being raised in a small village among the lush mountains of Switzerland, I have a very curious mind and colorful imagination. I speak multiple languages and get along with people from all walks of life.

Making men feel loved, energized and inspired is what I do best. I listen, I touch, I connect...we explore together and create our own unique, sensual experiences.

As a former ballerina, I take pride in having a very slender, flexible body. You will adore my toned frame with curves in all the right places. My velvet voice, faint trace of a sexy accent and smooth skin will become your new addiction. I live my life passionately and with grace; loving performing arts, interior design and travel to new places.

As your elite companion, I want to be much more than just a beautiful young lady. I want to satisfy you mentally, physically and ensure our time together will be sublime. I bring you a treasure of a perfect girlfriend, without the hassles of a traditional relationship. I'll make you forget the world around and help you live in the moment. You will feel loved, energized and inspired.

Let's create an experience we'll never forget!

Until we meet,


|The Meaning of the Name "Alexandrea" is "Defender of Mankind."|

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About Me