Are you still seeing clients in the pandemic?
Yes, I tested positive for antibodies early on and continue to take meticulous care of my body.

Are you the girl in the picture?
Yes. Should you witness any discrepancy upon meeting, we can part ways very quickly.

Are you reviewed?
Yes. Before stepping into atmosphere modeling part-time this year, I had a TER rating of 9.8 of 10 for Appearance and 9.1 of 9 for Performance. Verified patrons may request copies of my testimonials.

Can I write a review?
No, I have decided to step out of any review communities for safety and privacy concerns.

Due to recent changes in US legislation, it is not in our interest to have you document and disclose our passionate moments together online. As an educated and respectful gentleman you are aware of the possible repercussions and will honor my wish if you decide to meet with me.

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